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Christian Lichtner

Partner | German Patent Attorney |
European Patent Attorney |
European Trademark and Design Attorney

„Every client has different needs and goals.
Therefore it is important
to find individual solutions.“


Technical focus

medical technology, including CT technology, MRT technology, PET technology and other imaging technologies | semiconductor devices | data processing | communication networks | wireless networks | telecommunication systems | control circuits | electric engines | hybrid engines | satellite navigation systems

Legal focus

Prosecuting patent applications


German Patent Attorney Chamber | epi | FICPI​

Christian Lichtner studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Munich and graduated in the field of information and communication technologies. Subsequently he worked as a software development engineer in the field of measuring technology and in 1997 decided to work in the field of intellectual property rights. He was trained as a Patent Attorney at a Munich based patent attorney firm, at the German Patent and Trademark Office and at the Federal Patent Court. He was registered as a German Patent Attorney in 2000 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2008.


Before he started to work for our patent attorney firm in 2001, he gained experience at the patent department of Infineon AG in the field of Wireless Communications. Due to his extensive scientific and juridical knowledge, Christian Lichtner always focuses on the most important details and breaks down a technology to the core elements. He sees himself as ‘the right hand’ of his clients; in close dialogue and personal exchange he develops efficient strategies leading to a successful patent application.